Water Disruption Info 
Region Mersing, Johor 
Start Date 11/07/2012 
End Date 12/07/2012 
Time 9.00AM till 5.00AM (20 HOURS) 
Cause Of Disruption Maintenance of Endau water treatment plant, Mersing Johor 
Affected Area(s) All areas in Perbekalan Air Endau, all areas in Felda Endau, Pekan Endau, residential areas in Endau, residential areas in Jln Hj Ariffin, all areas in Kg Belukar Juling, all areas in Kg Semanyir, Teluk Lipat, Tg Kempit and surroundings, Jln Endau Bt 1 to Spg Felda Endau, all areas in Kg Triang, Penyabung, Teluk Sisek and surroundings, Chalets in Penyabung, PLKN Teluk Sari, mosque, schools, temples in Endau.  
Additional Info Complaints or queries can be made by contacting SAJ INFO CENTER toll free line at 1800-88-7474 and through SMS at 019-772 7474 

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